Forensic Science: My Crime Scene

In Houston, Texas a young woman named, Danielle Ramos comes home after a long days’ work preparing for bed. Just one problem someone is keying her car in her driveway. Danielle goes out to see what’s going on; she finds it to be her ex-boyfriend, Jason Gomez. Danielle walks outside with phone in hand, preparing for the worst.

Jason starts screaming at Danielle wondering what he did wrong in there relationship. Danielle says,”Jason it’s over, just leave!”. Danielle calls the police, but Jason takes off. She tells the police,”Never mind it’s not needed, he took off…”.

But Jason didn’t !

Danielle is finally able to go to sleep. Danielle doesn’t wake up…

Jason climbed in Danielle’s window while she was sleeping, and stabbed her to death!!

The next day police arrive at Danielle’s house, after a co-worker called to see what happened since Danielle didn’t arrive at work…

Police enter Danielle’s home to find a pool of blood on Danielle’s bed, the bed messed up, a knife wiped clean on Danielle’s pillow, a can of Lysol wipes on a black table near her bed, and a towel on the table near the Lysol wipes…!

Police called to be a murder scene…

A tragic ending…

Danielle and Jason are still no where to be found.image

I didn’t add Direct or testimonial evidence. Testimonial evidence is oral or written assurtian offered as proof of truth in a court of law. Direct evidence does not require an reasoning or interference to arrive at the conclusion to be down from the happen.


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