What Does The Meaning Of A Name Me To The One Given ?

The meaning of my name: Most beautiful in Greek. It’s the name of a moon on Jupiter, except spelled with two l’s.

When I was younger I didn’t like my name very much. No one knew how to pronounce ‘’Calisto’’. It only had seven letters? As I started high school I grew to love my name. But why ?

Well it was unique like me, no one had my name, everyone seemed to take to my name.

My mother told me that my father fell in love with the antagonist, Calisto, of the tv show, ‘’ Xena”. So he decided to name me Calisto.

When you give your child a name you don’t know if it will fit your child. You just might fall in love with the meaning or the name itself.

Late at night one day I was analyzing the letters of my name. If I had to choose a word for each letter of my name:

C- stands for Confidence. Every morning when I wake up and look in the morning I feel like I could be America’s Next Top Model even if I have bed hair, because that’s the love I have for myself.

A- stands for Awesome. The meaning of awesome can range from helping someone with their issues or sharing my food. It not only helps them, it helps me open up more to people, and for that I’m awesome.

L-stands for Loyal. I asked my friend Trinity what word would you describe me that starts with an L and she immediately said Loyal.

I- stands for intelligent. I love to learn, knowledge is power, and my intelligence doesn’t lie within school. My mother told me any every since I was a little girl I’ve been able to blend into any situation.

S- stands for Sassy. I’m such a caring a person, but when comes confidence you have a little attitude.

T- stands for Thankful. I have too much pride to ask anyone for anything, but when I know I need help and I receive I’m truly thankful.

O- stands for Opinionative. I have a habit of saying what comes to mind in some situations, and I stick to my opinion; just me being passionate.

As your children let them find meaning to the name you gave them for the better.



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