My Op-Ed Reflection

The process of my Op-Ed is I picked my topic, I broke down my Op-Ed into steps, I did a rough draft, and finalized it.

I chose my topic because it personal value. Some people are afraid to touch on my topic. What made my topic interesting to me was I found statistics that I had no idea existed, but were also alarming. When I was told I can choose my own topic I was excited to that my words are freely having a meaning. It was somewhat difficult, because I just didn’t type it. I had to break down and analysis.

The comments I had on my paper are amazing. People seeing my work and understanding that students are being discriminated against in school,is awesome.


Honestly if I wouldn’t change anything about my process. It was amazing having the experience to have the freedom to write something that had meaning instead of writing for a prompt.

I learned that I’m much more in tuned with my work when it has meaning.


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