My First Slam Poem

Afraid of my black sisters and brothers since we’re a few shades darker

Did you know we all scientifically originate from the Motherland, Africa ?

You feel I’m not equally superior due to my exterior, but if I point it out than you feel I’m being dramatic

Why ?

You fear my culture because you know that if we band together our beautiful black minds have extreme power.

As you see our rich dark skin you don’t take a second look because we aren’t a shade lighter.

Teachers know the origin of the word nigger but if we talk in-depth about culture we’re childish and inferior?

Asked some Teachers and Administrators do you know when black history month is? As if they’re Afraid to answer ?

They feel my culture is a threat by the color of our skin.

But when is the last time you needed an explanation to enter the pen if you were a black woman or man.

They changed our heartfelt hashtag, Black lives matter, because they noticed our unimaginable power.

Firm believer in all lives matter, but when did your culture have to fight for equal human rights ?

Bought and sold as if we’re dogs, tortured, and lynched on damn cross for no reason at all.

Pointed out by one of my mentors,he said, ” the only time black people get together is to fight”.

Made me open up my eyes knowing it’s my goal to put y’all to shame as we become unified.

Teachers probably thinking my passionate words are fire.
Why ? Because the only time they think that black people have sense is if we talk with our Ebonics.


2 thoughts on “My First Slam Poem

  1. This is your first poem? Really? I love how you are exploring this new genre as a way to take your passions into the space of the written and spoken word. I think I see you literally becoming a writer before my very eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

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