Stereotypical Black Girl

You think chocolate shawty is a 10, as if she has big apple ass and  her waist is paper thin.

If she’s a stripper trying to pay for college it doesn’t matter because she’s automatically a whore trying to get her degree you think.

You sit here and tell me if my black sisters had kids out of wedlock she deserved it.

But if a white girl does it it’s completely ok we will do anything since we’re so caring that way.

If I were a video vixen with a degree you would assume I gave brain.

I managed to maintain an A-B honor roll average since the 6th grade.

Isn’t enough for society to think she’s gonna be somebody, without selling her body.

Mommy had big sis and I out of wedlock and managed to keep a roof over our head and give us everything we wanted and then some.

As you ignorantly question how can she do that if she ain’t shaking that ass for money ? Want the secret ?

Because my mama is muthafuckin bomb !

Oh my gosh she just cussed how disrespectful, but if a white friend recited my poem you would say she was so passionate let’s pay her to say more.

I’m using common words to paint my masterpiece, but isn’t enough so you think that I’m ashamed of me?

I laugh at your narrow minded ways as you think all black girls the same. Let me not say anything or I will be crucified.

Oh well I say to myself. Why not spread my message to the world about how black people rock before I die.

I know that you know that I’m opinionated but that’s ok because you can’t change my mind frame about how my black sisters can rule like I said we can.
Take the stereotypical black girl out of your head for I have crushed it when I closed my eyes to see the beautiful future of black unified power again.


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