Political Venting

Chain me up and beat me down as you think that will silence my message.

Haha! No! My body will be bruised but my soul will be at peace knowing I will never bow down to another living soul.

You say that black people are so dangerous and deadly, but what ethnicity was the last person who shot up a Junior College for no reason? I’ll wait.

You were offended? How do you think we feel.

Every time we have a school shooting you think gun laws will be passed but gun purchases don’t drop. Congress actually is paid to not pass gun reform laws.

But who is to blame? Our President, Barack Obama.

You think we, black people are causing damage to our country. But why do you have that confused look on your face ?

You stop blaming us. We stop blaming each other. Everyone works together but I have a feeling it’s not going to happen in the near future.

Why ?

There is always that one egotistical maniacal bastard.

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