Lab Report: Maggot Trap

Introduction and Hypothesis

I hypothesized that the blow flies life cycle would be the same in the book, the climate won’t have a big interference. The importance of this project is to compare our raw chicken wing to a dead body. The idea of post-mortem interval, the length of time since death, was a period of 2 weeks.


Materials and Procedures

The materials we used was a coffee can, tape, a pencil,raw chicken wing, and a bin to store our trap in, and a phone to capture pictures. We first made the trap and documented our hypothesis. Second we chose the best way to analyze our data: date & time, climate,sketch and characteristics.Third we chose how often we wanted to check on our Maggot Trap.



Our hypothesis was incorrect. It didn’t take long for our dead body(chicken wing) to break down. Our maggots appeared earlier than the book said. If I repeated or modify this experiment to get better results, I would do it when it’s cooler outside instead of an average cod 80 degrees. The textbook wasn’t accurate, our maggot trap didn’t have eggs in the first 8 hours. The textbook said we will have Larva 3 in 4-5 days, we had Larva 3 in about 2-3 days. I would change it to a glass jar instead of a can, because our can kind of absorbed the liquid and was breaking down as the dead body was. The project was a nice learning experience,despite the disgusting difficulties. I was able to not only witness Forensic Entomology first hand, but feel like an actual Forensic Entomologist. Seeing my dead body break down, and the life cycle of blow flies.

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One thought on “Lab Report: Maggot Trap

  1. This report meets most of the requirements. I especially like the details you included in the analysis section. I think your intro would benefit from more details, and I think you could better explain PMI and the life cycle of the blow fly. I like your formatting, but next time embed your links behind words rather than showing the URL’s directly.

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