Magical Black Girl Hair

This boy and I were talking about the way black people act.

I pondered how he can assume things when he’s not black. Oh wait society does the same thing let me not take it personal you think.

As I’m laughing inside knowing just like my culture his culture has their flaws too.

But that’s ok since I instilled the confidence in myself that my being is extraordinarily as superior as can be.

I was telling him it doesn’t matter to me because I’m going to age gracefully, naturally clear skin, my hair is magical. His eyes widened as he’s nodding his head and trying to calmly agree.

But people think it can’t be her natural hair, they only wear weave, pay $75 a bundle, but I don’t. In fact most don’t.

Haha ! Take a seat.

You criticize our hair so much you act like you can eat it !!!

I mean are you going to shampoo, detangle, comb, put leave-in conditioner in my hair, break down it down, grease my scalp, and style my hair? No… THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT !

So hold your tongue.

My black sisters can do anything we want with our hair, as you secretly hate us for our magical hair.

You wish you had it.





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