See You Later Shepherd

When you mourn the loss of someone you feel as if you can’t escape the pain…

When you hear the rumors and negative comments about the person you lost you become livid. Instead you become angry defending the name of who you lost.

You can’t listen to them, you have to remember the good times…

I remember when I saw you hit on a girl,and I said go Shepherd.

Every time You walked you had a bounce, as if you we’re just this big macho man! No one could imitate it no matter how much they tried.

Every time I had you in AVID class I don’t think their was a class where you didn’t make me laugh …

I didn’t know what you were going through, but I wish I could’ve.

I know I’m done being angry, but I’m still sad…

My pain is getting better, knowing your mind is at peace. Just remembering your smile is beautiful and heart warming.

God takes the most beautiful ones when it’s there time. So your family, and friends are sad Shepherd, but we know we all have a Angel looking over us.

Some people are fighting a battle we know nothing about.Shepherd was fighting one, but he lost on Earth, but won in Heaven.

We all wish we could’ve had a our goodbye’s with You. So this is my way of saying see you later.

So oh beautiful one please protect us as you hear our prayers enter your ears up above. We love you. This is not my goodbye. This is our see you later.

Have fun with your wings as you soar touching our hearts.

Tell Miss Mary she still not forgotten.

See you later beautiful cougars.

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