Modern Slavery

You look at my sponsors and you see they’re all black, but only black women can shake there ass and only black men rap.

But we have more class than that. College educated with their heads held high to be honest I’m so grateful I can break down and cry.

My black sisters and brothers want to go to college to be a doctor, teacher, or lawyer and you immediately think they won’t stick to it.

I want to be a Social Worker, but you feel even if I have a college degree, I won’t be qualified due to the color of my skin.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr. we will be assassinated just because we have a dream.

Under the 13th amendment in the United States Constitution we have abolished slavery. It doesn’t mean anything though.

Just because we’re not on plantations picking cotton, being whipped doesn’t mean we’re still not enslaved today.

Modern slavery still exist. Who’s going to help me change it? Or will I have to dig in heart for the strength that’s so deserved.

I know my words might not be heard today, tomorrow, or the next day, but one day.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr. both of our dreams will come true one day.


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