A Million Lashes: New Age

Your people fight for evil, my people fight to be equal.

Sitting in class paying attention trying to get my education. Knowing that the knowledge is extraordinary.

When my Black sisters and brothers wanted to feed their mind with words, you wanted to feed their body a million lashes.

The time of you feeling your superior, since you had the power of violence feeding my ancestors a million lashes. You preaching the bible, but crucifying us for the melanin in our skin, you’re lower than inferior.

Now you want to instill the pain in us that never left our soul,passed down from generation to generation you thought it was gonna get old. We have turned it into power. Turned it into courage for you amazed that you wish you could change the course of history.

Feeling as if you could change time you would still be above us even if you didn’t abuse us.

College educated and you’re still afraid. Knowing that you’re inflicting this pain. A million lashes. Scared this skin, muscle, and tissue. But the mind… You gave us a million lashes burned us on crosses due to your fear. How can you be the one that still standing here?

A Million Lashes…


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