A Million Lashes: Ancestory

A million lashes. Coming to a foreign land you know nothing about and you’re still chasing us as if we’re aliens. You put us on slave ships. Sell us for money, as if we’re animals. If we disobey like children you give us a million lashes.

My ancestors crying as you’re breaking their family apart. You’re still afraid so you make Jim Crow laws to keep YOU safe. How can we be safe when you give us a million lashes? We were afraid too…

We were on our own continent. We were Kings and Queens. But you decided to take us to a foreign land. Put us on a plantation and silence us. The only way we could escape the pain… to sing songs and pray to the north star.

Only place in a foreign land where we could be “free”. Where we’re treated like humans instead of property. Some were courageous. Others were scared if they were found they would be given, a million lashes.

How do you sleep at night? To wake up the next morning preaching a sermon from the bible, but look at us in disgust. A Million lashes.

You want to have world peace ? Shut up you liar. You want world peace, but can’t find it in our own country. Give me a million lashes for speaking the truth. I will scream from the pain, but be at peace in my mind to fulfill the message.
A million lashes.


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