Ben Carson is currently a 2016 presidential candidate. He created his website,, to let people understand his plans for America. Ben Carson mostly uses logos to establish his point of view, but balances pathos and ethos by putting them on the back burner.

The intended audiences would be mid 30’s to late 40’s conservative republicans who are religious. His audience ties into his slogan “Heal+Inspire+Revive”, and the main causes he stands for. On his website the three main issues are: he’s against abortion so he’s targeting religious people, talking about balancing the budget by cutting  programs we created to help others, appealing to people who think indebting ourselves shouldn’t happen. Ben Carson’s last topic is education. He believes that there shouldn’t be one curriculum for the whole country.He believes there should be local control because every community knows its children best. These three topics he’s addressing are what he most feels strongly about, and assumes his audience does too.

To  support his credibility Ben Carson wants to seem educated, sophisticated, and caring. On Ben Carson’s website he has a picture of him with his hands held together together to represent education. His pose is in relation to the statue,”The Thinker”. Ben Carson is wearing a royal blue suit to represent his sophistication, and his empathy. As a child Ben Carson’s mother struggled to buy him the clothes he wanted as a child. Now that he’s older he’s able to connect with others who were in the same situation as he was, on his website Ben Carson says,”But growing up poor in Detroit with bad grades and a horrible temper, the statistics were certainly not in his favor.”.

The biggest way Ben Carson appeals to his audience is logically. The first topic he’s addressing is abortion. On his website he’s saying as a surgeon he’s operated on infants and that these lives are much alive. Ben Carson addresses that he wants to balance the budget in order to help America. On his website it says, “In January 2009, our public debt was$11.9 trillion.” “Now it’s more than$18 trillion. We are indebting ourselves by keeping these programs. Ben Carson’s third main topic is education. He said,”… a troubling trend of the U.S Department of Education increasingly trying to dictate how children are educated…”. He wants us to know that it’s okay to say the federal government isn’t doing a good job of taking care of the future of America. Ben Carson is logically appealing to his audience by using facts as a surgeon when addressing abortion, he’s giving statistics when talking about balancing our budget,he’s logically appeal to people who don’t like big government.

Ben Carson is mostly appealing to his audience in an emotional way by mainly addressing abortion and education. When Ben Carson is addressing abortion he says,”My medical career was devoted to protecting and enhancing the lives of children and their families.”. This quote is emotionally connecting to children and their families by appearing empathetic.  He’s also addressing education which most of his audience is agreeing with him, since most of them are parents or guardians that are worried about their children’s future. In Ben Carson’s story he says,”As a strong believer in the power of education, and alarmed by studies showing America’s students falling behind the rest of the world…”. This quote emotionally ties to his audience, because he’s putting it in a parent’s perspective.
Ben Carson’s site is most effective when it comes to appealing to his audience. He’s targeting his audience individually, and calmly. He has that grandfatherly attitude where he focuses on the values of his audience and keeps it simple. Overall he’s effectively targeting his audience.


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