She was so pretty and witty, when boys passed by and smiled, she would say, “hi”…

But underneath her body, she was nothing. She got good grades in only one way. Hundred dollar bills is the only way she felt special after she went home she should would yell out, “baby all I need to do is keep getting paid!!!”…

But it didn’t go away, see, she would’ve been a diamond if she used her brain for knowledge, instead she used it to entertain.

One day she was walking home and she thought she met the man of her dreams. He took her to the movies and bought her candy, by the end of the night she let him in her body.

The next morning morning she woke up and he was gone. A few days later her conscience was talking to her…

So she went to the free clinic. 3 days later the doctor told her she tested positive for aids….

Now she’s thinking of the consequences of the mistakes she made.

At the age of 18, Liz made the decision to mentor young men and women and let them know not to live in that way.

Liz made it to 30 before she passed away…



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