Analyzing My Genre

The genre  for my project is making a video. I analysed a few slam poetry videos, and I chose three and some of the content were different from each others.

Prince Ea, Can We Auto- Correct Humanity ?. The tone in his voice was free flowing but strong when it came to presenting his thesis.

Gary Turk, Look Up, was another video I analysed to help me learn, and build such a strong video. The organization of his video was amazing. He actually incorporated himself presenting his message, such as Prince Ea, but his scenes were actually different. He had a scene and then you saw him, and repeated it throughout the video.

Savannah Brown, Hi, I’m A Slut, was actually mind-blowing as  she presented her slam poem. Instead of making a video that required much more thought. She actually focused on herself, when it came to organization in her video. Throughout her video her tone shifted from calm and relaxed to filled with hatred. You noticed the anger behind her words.

I knew that it took a lot to  make a video, but it didn’t know how important it was to have the right tone when making a video with such a powerful message. When it came to making a video I learned that give your video thought, and make sure your message is clear when it comes to creating your own video.


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