My Reflection: Say Yes To All

For my project, my intended audience, was for people who are for immigration reform. My intended message was to remind them that this country was built on immigrants. You need to understand that immigrants aren’t trying to harm us. They just want protection for the war they are living through. To live the “American Dream”. I chose this to visually appeal to my audience, but not confuse them.

I used ethos by trying to make my audience morally think about how it’s wrong to discriminate immigrants, and to morally think how it’s wrong to  say we don’t want immigrants in this country. I incorporated pathos to show that your values, and beliefs should go hand-and-hand with your actions. I wanted my audiences emotional reaction, to be somewhat shocked. I organized media/text to show facts. Also thinking about the history behind the success, which was a way I added my logos. The chain of claims I lead through my argument, starts from addressing ethnicity to talking about politics.

At first I tried to video to to my blog, but it said i needed to upgrade my blog in a way. Eventually found a way to embed a link in one of my blog posts. I showed my video to my  older sister, and she was shocked about the rebuttals I made and proud that I was able to take advantage of this project to get my point of view across.

During this project I learned that it takes a process to complete. You can’t wake up, and throw a project together. You need to have a thought out plan. Next time, I will probably have more components than pictures. I’ll stick to my original plan.

I’m most proud that I actually executed this project, by myself. Which was more pressure, but I had a completed project.


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