My FINAL Reflection

In the beginning of the semester I thought that it would be about writing about boring essays and letting people read them. But I was wrong. I learned that my blog was to let my voice be heard about topics I care deeply about. If I had to characterize myself when it comes to being a reader or writer, I would be a writer.


The approach when it comes to writing changed during this course. I had an outlet that people noticed and understood. One of my first blog posts that I wrote that was an article, . The article I wrote was about discrimination within education. People voiced to me that they stand with me and I shouldn’t stop fighting  for the causes I stand for. My attitude towards writing has changed drastically. The first poem I published , brought tears to my eyes, because I had an outlet that made me feel like I have extra freedom. A piece of writing that I’m most proud of writing is,  . This piece was a poem about standing up for black women in this generation. How labeling black women is a “new norm”, and we are going to change that. I’m proud of these pieces, because they helped me find my voice, although I’m proud of everything I’ve published.


My approach to reading has changed during this course. It has let me provide my own knowledge to my writing. In class we had to to analyze websites and speeches on an presidential candidate, , which opened my eyes on reading. It was actually an amazing lesson on how we do read in this class. My favorite piece I’ve read this semester would be, a book I chose, HOT GIRL by Dream Jordan. . This book opened my eyes when it came to friends and lifestyles.


I feel that I put a lot of effort and energy into this class and myself. When I published some of my poems, , , and more it wasn’t about writing some words and labeling them. It was about writing poems that were meaningful and gave topics to discuss. I wouldn’t do anything differently if I took this class, because everything happened in this class for a reason. My goals for next semester, are to write more poetry, and to better myself as a writer. Suggestions for improving this would be, giving us more assignments that we care about and to share them with each other to create more open discussion.  


2 thoughts on “My FINAL Reflection

  1. Thanks for all of your thoughtful work this semester, Calisto. I can’t wait to see your grow even more as a writer. Students like you made me love my job. And I love your suggestion about more discussion. I think we can definitely work on that next semester.

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