The Science Behind Fingerprints

Fingerprints hold important information on how unique we are. From how we develop our fingerprints to different categories of our fingerprint.

Fingerprints play a key role in Forensic Science. Fingerprints belong in three different main categories, Visible, Plastic, and Invisible. Visible Fingerprints are in ink, blood, paint, etc. Plastic Fingerprints that appear in 3-D form such as, clay, butter, etc. Invisible Fingerprints are fingerprints that must be processed. The three major fingerprint patterns, is the Loop, Whorl, and Arch. When identifying a fingerprint you look at the features of Minutiae. The features of Minutiae are Dot, Ridge Endings, Bifurcation. Dot is, as long as it is wide of the ridge. Ridge Endings is, the ending of a ridge within the fingerprint. Bifurcation is, a single ridge that divides into two ridges.

We decided to use fluorescent powder, and dusted our fingerprints with a feather duster. The steps we took to lift the fingerprint were: choosing the fingerprint to lift of the jar, dusted the fingerprint from the jar with fluorescent powder, applying the fingerprint tape (or clear scotch tape), removed the fingerprint tape, and laid the fingerprint on a fingerprint processing card.

Although our fingerprint wasn’t clearly printed,we located our three common places of Minutiae we had the Dot, Ridge Endings,and Bifurcation when comparing the “suspects” fingerprints to the fingerprint database given. We found that our “suspect” was Isaiah who stole the Candy Jar.PicsArt_1455140671283 [1088].jpg

You have to understand key concepts in order to have a clear understanding of fingerprinting. Though, this experience was challenging it was fun. Fingerprints aren’t a genetic. As you’re developing in your mother’s womb the fluid is pressing on your hands that create an imprint. Every fingerprint is unique.


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