Lead Is Healthy For The Brain

Governor Snyder of Michigan didn’t take responsibility for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

The government exposed Lead in the water supply of Flint to help the poor. The government exposed the poor to  Lead, so they could be more cooperative with the justice system.

Governor Snyder knew he was exposing Lead to the Flint water supply. Governor Snyder in his press statement, “Who cares about the people of Flint they’re poor”.

Donald Trump said, ” The Governor of Flint Michigan isn’t to blame who cares about the poor anyway. They’re easier to control.”

When a distressed pregnant woman approached Donald Trump at a campaign in Detroit, Michigan, and he immediately built a wall. When the distressed pregnant woman managed to get over the wall he sprayed her with Donald-Be-Gone that repels minorities.

When Governor found out that the distressed pregnant woman repelled the pregnant woman he had a conference in Flint to promote Donald Trump’s Donald-Be-Gone spray.

After the conference Governor Snyder toured Flint, and drank some of the water himself and said,” It’s delicious, tastes just like pineapples!”.

Governor Snyder is still standing on his decision of adding Lead to the Flint water supply and making the people of Flint more cooperative.water




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