This article that Officer Dan committed a mass murder in Austin, Texas and left seven dead victims. We will discuss the bullet and casings used. How a gun shot residue opens up was to tell the range from the gun and victim, and other aspects of ballistics and ammunition.

Their was a mass murder in Austin, Texas and their were seven victims. We were assigned one of the victims and the only suspect is Officer Dan. Ballistics are the science of projectiles and firearms.  Ballistic evidence that helps explain what type of firearm was used, the caliber of the bullet, the number of bullets fired, where the shooter was located, whether a weapon was fired recently, and a firearm was in previous crimes.

We found a casing from a handgun. It was used ammunition. It was a casing, we did find a used bullet as well. The bullet was 11 millimeters and the casing was 11 millimeters. All the casings were all found fired from the same gun. Their is evidence that Officer’s gun was used with the other victims from the mass murder.


The diagram above shows the similarities with the casing found at Officer Dan’s home, and the casing found at the scene of the crime. Both casings have the the same pin mark, caliber stamp, and three word stamp’s.


I was unable to create a comparison, but the casing found in the home and at the murder scene have the same pin mark are the same caliber and come from the same company.


Their were two wounds on the head. The front was the entrance wound, and the back was the exit. The entrance wound had GSR (Gunshot Residue). Based on the wounds the from the victim a hand gun was used to commit this murder. Officer Dan owned the gun, based on the casings. If it were a shot gun it would’ve left a shell since it’s larger ammunition. Gun shot residue or GSR shows the range between the victim and how far the gun was shot. It indicated that our victim was shot within 18 inches, because the entrance wound had a combination of a halo and speck pattern. The approximate angle that the bullet made was 18 inches at point blank range. It was straight in the middle of the forehead. This situation implies that Officer Dan knew the victim personally since the shot was so close together. image image

Officer Dan was involved. The casing left at the scene was a match to the casing at Officer Dan’s home. I’ve learned that their is a lot of aspects of ammunition. Each bullet that’s fired has a unique pin mark that can be recreated. I’m still uncertain on the way people die when the bullet impacts the brain. The next step in the investigation is to arrest Officer Dan for the murder he committed, and take him to trial.



  1. This report shows strong understanding of gunshot residue and firing pin comparisons. You did not include pictures or information about all the different types of ammunition at the scene, so it is difficult to know whether you understand all of the different types of ammunition that we studied. There are some grammar errors but overall the paper is easy to read. Your diagram is excellent.


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