When The Blood Goes… SPAT !!!

When discussing Blood Spatter you wanted to consider height, location, the diameter and width of the blood spatter. Blood Spatter is important, because not only could it be used as key evidence in a trial, it can allow to infer what happened at the crime scene.

The graph below shows how the diameter and height are a key component. The scatter plot demonstrates how the diameter and height vary based on how high the blood drops. Looking at the scatter plot below it shows the more the height increases the larger the diameter. We started to increase or height from ten centimeters to fifty centimeters to show how the height affects the diameter in this scatter plot. You notice that trend is increasing. diameter and height graph


For the width and length of the blood drops did three trials for each angle. We shifted angles from ninety degrees to thirty degrees. Looking at the scatter plot below it shows the smaller the angle the smaller the width/length is. The trend is decreasing.

length and width graph

To determine the direction in which the blood drop originated showing the flow from the blood spatter based on when every direction it’s thinned out and into the opposite direction. When determining the the area of convergence or point of impact, you the drop of blood based on the angle the blood stuck on the surface. The direction and area of convergence important, based relationship between the the length of the major axis, minor axis, and angle of impact.

I learned that blood spatter analysis is the examination of the shapes, locations, and distribution patterns of the blood stains in order to discover what events led to the blood loss.  Questions  I have about blood spatter: I do have about blood spatter is who discovered this type of “science” I should say ? What crime scene were they confused about ? Were they recognized for their accomplishments ?


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