Final Blog Reflection for Junior Year

This year I’ve learned, and improved on my writing. My writing has not only impacted others, but myself. The most creative thing I did was learn how to write poetry from the heart. Writing poetry is something that has improved how I think, and perceive things. The most proud piece I wrote was, ” The Minority Education Controversy”. It was an article I wrote to show true colors. It also showed me that my article reached people. The thing that most challenged me was the satire unit. I  didn’t know how to get my point across with comedy. I wish I knew that I would have such an amazing experience, and take advantage of the joy I encountered. My goals for next year are to expand my knowledge with my peers, and be proud of the talent I have.



The African Dream

I didn’t comprehend the true meaning of being an African American young lady until I was called a black bitch at the age of 8. During the summer of 2008 my mother enrolled my sister and I at Extend-A-Care while she worked. My friend and I were doing arts and crafts. A boy by the name of Jason constantly teased me. I was baffled, since I never bothered Jason. It was around 12:15 in the afternoon, and our group leaders were preparing us for nap time. Jason was 13 years old, so he was in a different group. As I was preparing for nap time Jason kneeled down, and whispered in my ear, “You black bitch.” He then stood slowly up looked down at me with his sky blue eyes, and laughed at me.

I didn’t understand what black bitch meant. Until I told my mother when she picked me up that evening. I saw the rage in her eyes, as she saw the sorrow in mine. The way she fixed my bad day was buying a kid’s meal for my sister and I.

Unfortunately, we can’t end racism with a kid’s meal. I was in eighth grade playing around in gym class when I fell and hurt my arm. My best friend, Dana, walked me to lunch when were released making sure I didn’t hurt my arm. We were playing around when a kid named Thomas bumped my arm. I yelled out, “OUCH!”, he turned around looked at me so devilish and stated, “I’m sorry I don’t speak black.” I just stood as still as stone. The reaction he gave me was one to remember. I told my principal, and Thomas was suspended. That was the first time I saw someone take notice of discrimination.

When I entered high school I thought it would be a different scene. Not the same issues I dealt with as a child.

It wasn’t the same it was worse. During my junior year we did Socratic Seminars in AVID on diverse topics. We discussed the presidential debate and our thoughts of Donald Trump. My friend Cole shared how he perceived Donald Trump. I was being optimistic when a few peers were taking our opinions to heart so our teacher ended the Socratic Seminar. Cole then mentioned his family didn’t believe in interracial relationships. I tried to comprehend what he was saying when he turned to me and asserted, “Calisto, there is a difference between a black person and a nigger.” My soul was livid, but I just walked away.

If it wasn’t for these experiences I faced I wouldn’t be able to understand the person I am. I would like to take a DNA test to find where my bloodline originated from in Africa. The discrimination I faced makes me a stronger human being.





College Essay: Blog Post

The essay I choose is Essay C, You’ve got a ticket in your hand- where will you go ? What will you do ? What will happen when you get there ? I chose this essay prompt, because I feel like it’s a passionate topic to discuss. I’m going to finish my rough draft by May 25 by, finishing  my rough draft by Saturday. I’m going to use Pow Tune to create my visual essay.

When The Blood Goes… SPAT !!!

When discussing Blood Spatter you wanted to consider height, location, the diameter and width of the blood spatter. Blood Spatter is important, because not only could it be used as key evidence in a trial, it can allow to infer what happened at the crime scene.

The graph below shows how the diameter and height are a key component. The scatter plot demonstrates how the diameter and height vary based on how high the blood drops. Looking at the scatter plot below it shows the more the height increases the larger the diameter. We started to increase or height from ten centimeters to fifty centimeters to show how the height affects the diameter in this scatter plot. You notice that trend is increasing. diameter and height graph


For the width and length of the blood drops did three trials for each angle. We shifted angles from ninety degrees to thirty degrees. Looking at the scatter plot below it shows the smaller the angle the smaller the width/length is. The trend is decreasing.

length and width graph

To determine the direction in which the blood drop originated showing the flow from the blood spatter based on when every direction it’s thinned out and into the opposite direction. When determining the the area of convergence or point of impact, you the drop of blood based on the angle the blood stuck on the surface. The direction and area of convergence important, based relationship between the the length of the major axis, minor axis, and angle of impact.

I learned that blood spatter analysis is the examination of the shapes, locations, and distribution patterns of the blood stains in order to discover what events led to the blood loss.  Questions  I have about blood spatter: I do have about blood spatter is who discovered this type of “science” I should say ? What crime scene were they confused about ? Were they recognized for their accomplishments ?

Soil – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I have collected a soil from my school, but they’re is a plot twist… MR. CATER’S BIKE WAS STOLEN!!! Calm down, the police has recovered the bike and collected soil from the crime scene. I will be testing the soil I collected the crime scene to see if the match. Is the soil I collected innocent or guilty? Keeping reading to find out.

One day Mr. Cater put his bike against the wall while he was tying his shoe. When he he looked up the bike was gone. The police were able to recover his bike, but they found some soil from the crime scene. Our job is to see if the soil the police collected matches the soil I collected at Crockett High School in this investigation to determine the location.

Soil is important to forensic investigations, because it guides you to the location. Their are some soils that are native to certain locations.When discussing soil their are four major categories. Sand, Silt, Clay, and Loam. Sand, being the larger size of particles, feels gritty. Silt, being moderate in size, has a smooth or floury texture. Clay, being the smaller size of particles, feels sticky. Loam is relatively an even mixture of of sand, silt, and clay. You determine the soil texture by separating it. I finely pulverized the soil I collected, filled the jar I had with one quarter of the soil I collected, filled the jar with three quarters of water. I I then added a drop of non-foamy dishwasher detergent and shake the jar 15 minutes. Let it sit for a few days. I saw the layers of the sand, silt, and clay, and measured the thickness of each layer.  Last I used the soil texture triangle to determine the soil texture class.

For the soil I collected the thickness of sand deposit thickness: 1.7 centimeters, silt deposit thickness: 0.2 centimeters, the clay thickness: 0 centimeters. We found the percentages, and the soil texture I collected was Loamy Sand. The crime scene sand thickness: 10 millimeters, crime scene silt thickness: 10 millimeters, crime scene clay thickness: 2 millimeters. We found the percentages and the soil texture from the crime scene was Silt.

2af32fb0-592f-448c-9924-9e3794bd1786 [23153]

Red Circle: The soil I collected, Black Circle: The crime scene soil the police collected

I did a pH chemical test on the soils. A soil pH measures acidity or alkalinity. The samples chemically don’t match. Although the soils are in the same range of acidity.

The soil I collected unfortunately don’t match to the crime scene soil. The soil is innocent! I learned that soil and pollen analysis are similar, because they both can narrow down a location of a crime scene. Since the soils don’t match the next step in this investigation is to close this case.

Roller Coaster Report

The purpose of this experiment is to work on finding the laws of conservation on a roller coaster. The laws of conservation changes into the conservation of energy, which can’t be created or destroyed. Their are different types of energy. Kinetic, Potential, and mechanical energy all play a factor on a roller coaster. Kinetic Energy is the energy of motion. You need movement on a roller coaster. Their is Potential Energy in different parts on the roller coaster. When doing this experiment energy will change, Transformation of Energy. Energy changes from Kinetic Energy to Potential Energy, and Potential Energy to Mechanical Energy. Velocity and Height do play a factor when building and using a roller coaster. Velocity, also known as speed plays a part since their will be a lot of movement. Height plays a factor as well, because it shows how steep the roller coaster can be since it does affect the types energy that will play a factor in this.

The three important points of my roller coaster was the height of the start of the roller coaster which was 90 centimeters. The second point of my roller coaster was the loop which is 23 centimeters. The last point was the bottom surface of the roller coaster which was 0 centimeters.




The roller coaster failed the first time, because the top of the hill wasn’t high enough. It failed, because the top of the hill wasn’t curved. the speed of the car was really slow, and didn’t complete the course. The changes I made to the roller coaster was making the top of the hill a little more curved so the car could build up enough speed. The Potential Energy was at its greatest when it was at the top of the hill. The Kinetic Energy was at its greatest when the car was at the top of the loop.


My car was only able to complete one loop. It’s only able to complete one loop, because the roller coaster wasn’t as long compared to others. Energy is transformed on my favorite roller coaster, because its at different stages. Their are different stages where the Kinetic Energy is higher than the Potential Energy , and the Potential Energy is greater than the Kinetic Energy.