Spectroscopy is a way to identify substances by exposing them to electromagnetic radiation (light). Light is given off when electrons jump from one place to another within an atom. Each atom has a unique arrangement of electrons. Each atom emits a unique mixture of different colored lights. As I was looking at the illuminated incandescent bulb through the spectrometer purple, red, and green were the colors that appeared. Wavelength measures in nano meters. The observed spectrum extend from 700 to 550 nano meters. Spectroscopy is important, because it shows the chemicals within a light bulb to the naked through a spectrometer.




This article that Officer Dan committed a mass murder in Austin, Texas and left seven dead victims. We will discuss the bullet and casings used. How a gun shot residue opens up was to tell the range from the gun and victim, and other aspects of ballistics and ammunition.

Their was a mass murder in Austin, Texas and their were seven victims. We were assigned one of the victims and the only suspect is Officer Dan. Ballistics are the science of projectiles and firearms.  Ballistic evidence that helps explain what type of firearm was used, the caliber of the bullet, the number of bullets fired, where the shooter was located, whether a weapon was fired recently, and a firearm was in previous crimes.

We found a casing from a handgun. It was used ammunition. It was a casing, we did find a used bullet as well. The bullet was 11 millimeters and the casing was 11 millimeters. All the casings were all found fired from the same gun. Their is evidence that Officer’s gun was used with the other victims from the mass murder.


The diagram above shows the similarities with the casing found at Officer Dan’s home, and the casing found at the scene of the crime. Both casings have the the same pin mark, caliber stamp, and three word stamp’s.


I was unable to create a comparison, but the casing found in the home and at the murder scene have the same pin mark are the same caliber and come from the same company.


Their were two wounds on the head. The front was the entrance wound, and the back was the exit. The entrance wound had GSR (Gunshot Residue). Based on the wounds the from the victim a hand gun was used to commit this murder. Officer Dan owned the gun, based on the casings. If it were a shot gun it would’ve left a shell since it’s larger ammunition. Gun shot residue or GSR shows the range between the victim and how far the gun was shot. It indicated that our victim was shot within 18 inches, because the entrance wound had a combination of a halo and speck pattern. The approximate angle that the bullet made was 18 inches at point blank range. It was straight in the middle of the forehead. This situation implies that Officer Dan knew the victim personally since the shot was so close together. image image

Officer Dan was involved. The casing left at the scene was a match to the casing at Officer Dan’s home. I’ve learned that their is a lot of aspects of ammunition. Each bullet that’s fired has a unique pin mark that can be recreated. I’m still uncertain on the way people die when the bullet impacts the brain. The next step in the investigation is to arrest Officer Dan for the murder he committed, and take him to trial.

Lead Is Healthy For The Brain

Governor Snyder of Michigan didn’t take responsibility for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

The government exposed Lead in the water supply of Flint to help the poor. The government exposed the poor to  Lead, so they could be more cooperative with the justice system.

Governor Snyder knew he was exposing Lead to the Flint water supply. Governor Snyder in his press statement, “Who cares about the people of Flint they’re poor”.

Donald Trump said, ” The Governor of Flint Michigan isn’t to blame who cares about the poor anyway. They’re easier to control.”

When a distressed pregnant woman approached Donald Trump at a campaign in Detroit, Michigan, and he immediately built a wall. When the distressed pregnant woman managed to get over the wall he sprayed her with Donald-Be-Gone that repels minorities.

When Governor found out that the distressed pregnant woman repelled the pregnant woman he had a conference in Flint to promote Donald Trump’s Donald-Be-Gone spray.

After the conference Governor Snyder toured Flint, and drank some of the water himself and said,” It’s delicious, tastes just like pineapples!”.

Governor Snyder is still standing on his decision of adding Lead to the Flint water supply and making the people of Flint more cooperative.water



The Science Behind Fingerprints

Fingerprints hold important information on how unique we are. From how we develop our fingerprints to different categories of our fingerprint.

Fingerprints play a key role in Forensic Science. Fingerprints belong in three different main categories, Visible, Plastic, and Invisible. Visible Fingerprints are in ink, blood, paint, etc. Plastic Fingerprints that appear in 3-D form such as, clay, butter, etc. Invisible Fingerprints are fingerprints that must be processed. The three major fingerprint patterns, is the Loop, Whorl, and Arch. When identifying a fingerprint you look at the features of Minutiae. The features of Minutiae are Dot, Ridge Endings, Bifurcation. Dot is, as long as it is wide of the ridge. Ridge Endings is, the ending of a ridge within the fingerprint. Bifurcation is, a single ridge that divides into two ridges.

We decided to use fluorescent powder, and dusted our fingerprints with a feather duster. The steps we took to lift the fingerprint were: choosing the fingerprint to lift of the jar, dusted the fingerprint from the jar with fluorescent powder, applying the fingerprint tape (or clear scotch tape), removed the fingerprint tape, and laid the fingerprint on a fingerprint processing card.

Although our fingerprint wasn’t clearly printed,we located our three common places of Minutiae we had the Dot, Ridge Endings,and Bifurcation when comparing the “suspects” fingerprints to the fingerprint database given. We found that our “suspect” was Isaiah who stole the Candy Jar.PicsArt_1455140671283 [1088].jpg

You have to understand key concepts in order to have a clear understanding of fingerprinting. Though, this experience was challenging it was fun. Fingerprints aren’t a genetic. As you’re developing in your mother’s womb the fluid is pressing on your hands that create an imprint. Every fingerprint is unique.

Will I Be Shot Too, Since I Don’t Trust The Boys in Blue ?

Today the same people who are supposed to protect us are discriminating, beating, and terrorizing us According to, http://copcrisis.com/?1100 in 2015 we had 2012 Americans killed by police officers. The indictment rate for police officers is less than one percent. Police brutality has showed us that we have to fight for our own justice. But, what can we do to restore the honesty and truth within our justice system? Requesting our officers wear body cameras.



Michael Brown was an unarmed teenager shot by police officer, Darren Wilson. Michael Brown put his hands up, and said DON’T SHOOT! The grand jury didn’t indict Darren Wilson. DON’T SHOOT!… How would you feel if that was your son’s, nephew’s, cousin’s last words?



“I don’t trust police because mostly all the violence happening in the world currently. It’s really scary to think that police are supposed to be like a protector but in fact they’ve become quite the opposite; like a monster lurking in the shadows. I’m convinced it’s really a plan to get the public going crazy so the government can put the military in charge.”

-Wynter Grace



November 22nd, 2014, Tamir Rice was playing with his toy gun at a Cleveland park thinking that it wasn’t a big day. Tamir Rice was sitting down when he was gunned down by two Cleveland police officer, Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback. These didn’t get Tamir Rice’s attention than firing their weapon, and an innocent life. Tamir Rice never thought his life would never end November 22nd, 2014. How would you feel as a parent if your 12-year-old son was gunned down over a toy?


“I honestly don’t trust cops because they misuse and abuse their power. When I was 13, I saw my dad get pulled over, then dragged out of the car in front of my little sister and my 4 little brothers. Then the 3 police officers made all of us lay face down on the side of the high way. I am permanently scarred because I was forced to lay with my hands behind my back like I was the one that did something wrong.”

-Trinity Douglas




Freddie Gray had an alleged illegal switchblade in the city, of Baltimore. Freddie was in a police van with six police officers. Instead of using proper force to apprehend a suspect, he’s unconscious and eventually dies while in police custody. “All this had to happen, people getting tired of the police killing the young black guys for no reason. … It is a sad day but it had to happen,” said Tony Luster, 40, who is on disability and was out on the street watching the police line.


“Now these days you can’t even trust cops anymore. Hearing how they are treating color people really scares me. Hearing story’s how some “cops” have pulled over girls and raped them makes me have trust issues with cops.”

-Deborah Posada


One day a mother of two went out with friends and was too drunk to drive home, so she slept in her car. Who knew Cassandra Feuerstien would have a broken eye socket, and multiple face bones fractured after being shoved in a Chicago jail cell. Her face landing on a concrete bench. My face cracked just by reading it… did yours?


“I don’t trust cops because of everything that has happen and me being a young black woman it doesn’t make it better. My family who went through it all from cops calling them out of their names, not giving them their rights, and putting hands on them in ways that aren’t necessary.”

-Alicia Withers


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February 26th, 2012 was the day, 17-year-old, Trayon Martin was killed for wearing a hoodie and carrying a bag of skittles, by George Zimmerman. Not justice will be served in this tragic situation…


“Most of the people in the world are afraid of the individuals who are supposed to protect us. Many police officers abuse their power because they believe they are above the law and the other officers protect those who fail to protect us. They are only looking out for each other, not us. That is why I don’t trust cops.”

-Anna Alexander


We have put officers above the law. Now we as the people of this country need to band together, and fight for what we deserve when it comes to our protection. If police officers wear body cameras, it gives citizens a since of insurance. To eliminate the hearsay perspective. Put yourself in these people’s shoes. Would you feel content knowing an officer doesn’t have to answer to the law? Be a part of the movement to fight for what WE need.